Reinventing classics: the Shell Chair Project by Carl Hansen & Son

How many times did we say that modern furniture, and particularly Scandinavian modern, bears no expiring date and stands pretty in contemporary interiors as good as the first day it saw the light.

But every now and then, even legendary classics needs a little pampering.

Carl Hansen & Son is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the daring CH07 – better known as the Shell Chair by Hans Wegner –  with a special collection in partnership with the fabric company Maharam.

The Shell Chair Project, as it is named, consists of 20 different and new wood/fabrics combinations, each carefully paired for the joy of our eyes. The textiles ranges from lovely archive designs, including re-editions of Wiener Werkstatte masters up to playful Alexander Girard and contemporary names as Hella Jongerius, Sarah Morris and ubiquitous Sir Paul Smith.

A Josef Hoffmann design from 1913

A Josef Hoffmann design from 1913

Palio by Alexander Girard, 1964

Palio by Alexander Girard, 1964

Orakelblume by Koloman Moser, back to 1901

Orakelblume by Koloman Moser, back to 1901

Sarah Morris, The Firm

Sarah Morris, The Firm

Hella Jungerius, Borders

Hella Jungerius, Borders

The collection has been previewed at Carl Hansen & Son showroom of  New York before being launched for the US market.

Perpetually new, yet unmistakable, the three legged beauty is considered a masterpiece from Hans Wegner. Designed and prototyped in 1963, it took actually 35 years before the production finally started and the legend spread.  Here we can read a nice interview to Knud Erik Hansen, grandson of Carl Hansen, about the story of the CH07 and the Shell Chair Project.

Established in Odense, Denmark, in 1908, Carl Hansen & Son combines traditional woodworking techniques with the latest technology to produce furniture of lasting value, mostly designed by leading Danish architects back in the 1930s and up to the 1960s.


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