Leimu lamp by Magnus Petterson for Iittala

Iittala has recently showcased the Leimu lamp by Norwegian-born Magnus Pettersen. A warm orange glass shade in the form of a calice sits on a concrete base. Refined and raw, delicate and strong. The contrast between the two elements, drawn together by the glowing bulb at the top of the stem, makes Leimu a truly pleasant lighting piece for enjoyable moments.

Concrete and glass, Leimu lamp by Magnus Pettersen comes in two sizes

Leimu lamp by Magnus Pettersen comes in two sizes

As explained in the interview by Iittala to the designer:
“(…) I wanted to smoothly combine opposites in a lamp and show that fierce and sensitive, cold and warm can work well together.”

Also,  contrast fascinates London-based Pettersen. His style is referred to as “industrial luxury” because opposites are a recurring feature in his work. He looks at how well different materials or colours merge in an interesting and functional way without prejudice. From a technical standpoint, harmonising the stem and glass portion was not easy. “Glass is a great material, but it is also very challenging because it is alive and it makes accurate dimensioning very difficult. However, through the know-how of Iittala’s glass factory, we were able to combine concrete and glass into an elegant whole.”

Glass company Iittala will release two sizes of the Leimu lamp in September this year.

Leimu at home

Leimu at home

PH courtesy Iittala

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